Marissa and Steven at Pinebrook Country Club

When I think of a country club I don't necessarily think modern silver and sparkling decor but this country club had it all! Janie Haas's weddings are always over-the-top gorgeous and this wedding was no exception! The linens were sparkling silver and the centerpieces were dramatic arrangements of orchids and huge calla lilies spilling out of tall clear glass vases. Chandeliers were glowing from the illumination brought in.

Janie of was the one who brought Marissa to me. We hit it off right away! She knew exactly the look she was going for and was great at communicating that to me. We designed a cake to fit in with the decor that would incorporate silver, orchids and keeping with a modern but not stiff design.

The cake is white chocolate with pistachio buttercream and a layer of orange zest buttercream covered in vanilla swiss meringue buttercream and hand-made fondant. Silver ribbon is criss-crossed on the cake and it is then adorned with our hand-made sugar orchids.

So many talented friends worked on this wedding including John and Sarah of Spruce floral,, Jason Falchuk of, and the lovely Sarah Bastille, Thank you Janie for bringing us all together on this amazing wedding!